Welcome to the Community Foundation for Oak Park

Our Mission

To support needed and desired Oak Park community programs and projects by acting as a governing body and tax-exempt umbrella for community groups and donor-defined funds.

Every day, your mail box contains a letter requesting a donation to some charity. As you sit down to dinner, your phone rings; it’s a telemarketer for another charity seeking your money.

You feel somewhat guilty because you really would like to save the world … or at least a small part of it. But you just don’t have the time to research these solicitations to weed out the legitimate charities from the fakes.

Consider creating a donor-defined fund with the Community Foundation. You set the charitable goals for your contribution, which might extend well beyond Oak Park. We then do the necessary research to ensure that your generosity is not misused. Further, with a structured donation, you can establish a long-term program of charitable gifts while realizing immediate tax advantages.

Thank you

Oak Park